The war over Lieberman

Re “A blogger’s blast at Lieberman,” Opinion, July 18

It is good to know there is someone out there who gets what is going on. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) should just switch to the Republican Party and be done with it.

The Democrats are having a hard enough time sticking to the message that this is the most inept administration in history.

Richard Nixon is no longer the worst president ever, but the Democrats are certainly the worst opposition party ever.



Santa Barbara


Duncan Black’s article sounds more like the denunciation of a communist apparatchik for failure to adhere to the correct dogma than the denunciation of an American politician. As near as I can determine, Lieberman’s crimes are almost entirely of the dogma persuasion.


Lieberman made a personal decision that we really are in a war and that providing aid and comfort to the enemy is not the act we expect of our politicians. I’m not a fan of this war, but I do want it to achieve a positive outcome, as opposed to Democrats who want us to come home in defeat so a politician will be discredited and they can, once again, be in charge. And they wonder why they can’t win elections.


Los Angeles