U.N. bears some blame for observers' deaths

Re "U.N. Shocked by Strike on Border Post," July 26

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's outrage about the bombing of U.N. observers fails to acknowledge the outrage that should have taken place in 2000 when he thanked Hezbollah commander Sheik Hassan Nasrallah for maintaining law and order in southern Lebanon. By so doing, Annan undermined Lebanon's sovereignty and signaled to Hezbollah the U.N.'s support.

Equally disproportionate is the outrage being expressed by some individuals regarding Israel's tactics. These same individuals never express any outrage over the ongoing murder of Israeli citizens by Hezbollah rockets or Hamas suicide bombers. It's time that the level of outrage is more proportional.




What, pray tell, were U.N. observers doing in the middle of a war zone? Did they think their blue helmets made them invulnerable? Did they think that Hezbollah might not set them up as a false target or even target them directly? This is absolutely idiocy.

These poor observers' deaths are as much the U.N.'s fault as they are the pilots' who dropped the bombs. Annan should keep his mouth shut until people know exactly what happened.




Talk about "copycat" killing. The United States led the way by invading Iraq, destroying the civilian infrastructure, killing innocent civilians -- then telling the survivors it is their responsibility to rebuild and restore order. Now we see the same thing happening in Lebanon. We're watching the U.S. and Israel wage war on Middle East terrorists by the only method they understand: killing innocent people and destroying livelihoods. What a sad time in which we live.


San Diego

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