‘Da Vinci’ banned in 7 Indian states

From the Associated Press

Seven of India’s 29 states have banned screening “The Da Vinci Code,” with officials in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh saying Friday the movie was insulting to Christians.

“We have taken the decision because the release of the movie could have led to demonstrations and trouble,” said Paul Bhuyan, the special chief secretary of Andhra Pradesh.

“The minority organizations have pointed out that the film’s story line attacked the very heart of the Holy Gospel, destroying the divinity of Jesus Christ,” Bhuyan said.

Christians make up just 1% of Andhra Pradesh’s nearly 80 million people -- and only about 2% of India’s billion people, most of whom are Hindu.


Still, the film, starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou, has packed theaters in India’s 22 other states since being released May 26.