Agency Takes Its Talent Digital

Times Staff Writer

Hollywood’s oldest talent agency said Thursday that it was launching a digital media division.

The 108-year-old William Morris Agency said the new division would work with its long roster of clients in film, television, music, publishing, corporate consulting, theater and sports to secure work in digital media areas such as video-on-demand, broadband and mobile.

The division plans to take on technology companies as clients and help them make media and entertainment connections.

Lewis Henderson, who will head the division, said that “it’s thrilling for me to now start this group at a time when these digital platforms are becoming more established and are changing the face of our industry.”


Previously, Henderson was a liaison between the agency’s TV department and the advertising business. In a statement, the company said Henderson would work with a team of agents in the agency’s offices worldwide.

William Morris represents such talent as Russell Crowe, Scarlett Johansson and writer-director Tyler Perry.