Shootings and blasts kill 140 across Iraq

Times Staff Writer

At least 140 people were reported killed around the country Monday, according to Iraqi security forces, witnesses and other sources.

At least 60 bodies were discovered in the capital. Most were middle-aged men, stripped of identification papers, who had been handcuffed, tortured and shot.

Among them was Walid Hassan, a comedian with a hit television show.

A mortar shell hit the Sadr City neighborhood, killing eight people.

In east Baghdad, a roadside bomb exploded near an Oil Ministry convoy, killing four people, and gunmen shot a school principal to death.


The Iraqi army announced that it had killed 50 suspected insurgents in the Tikrit area, though it did not specify when the killings took place.

In Dujayl, about 40 miles north of Baghdad, a man delivered seven bullet-riddled bodies to a mosque for burial preparations, a witness said.

The bodies of five men who were kidnapped from a Taji restaurant Sunday were discovered about 20 miles west, near the city of Fallouja. All of the bodies bore signs of torture.

In the southern Shiite town of Hillah, gunmen shot Dr. Ali Flaih Hassan, a medical college professor, as he drove to work.

In Ramadi, a Sunni Arab town in western Al Anbar province, suicide bombers staged three separate attacks. It was not immediately known whether the bombers killed anyone besides themselves.

In the northern town of Tall Afar, a suicide bomber killed himself and three Iraqi soldiers, police said. In nearby Mosul, gunmen assassinated Dr. Ahmed Hamed Taei, dean of a nursing college.