A Better Zappa Pick?

It’s very surprising that you didn’t pick Frank Zappa’s classic album “Apostrophe (')” to celebrate National Punctuation Day (“A Dash of Zappa,” Sunday Punches, Sept. 24). A most appropriate choice, don’t you think?

Neil Proffitt

Redondo Beach

It’s not true that Frank Zappa stored pink guitar picks in his hair (as the illustration seems to indicate)! But diacritically speaking, it is true that FZ wrote an album called “Apostrophe (').” Thanks so much for the honorable, honorable mention.


Gail Zappa

Via the Internet

You left out another often useful and sometimes misunderstood punctuation mark: the virgule. Most people don’t know what to call it. I know you couldn’t include all punctuation marks in your piece, but this one does seem worthy of discussion.

John Kingsley


Woodland Hills