Foley to Name His Alleged Abuser

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Former Rep. Mark Foley will reveal to the Archdiocese of Miami the name of the Roman Catholic priest he says abused him almost four decades ago, his attorney said Tuesday.

The disclosure that Foley, 52, will name the clergyman he said molested him between the ages of 13 and 15 comes two weeks after he abruptly resigned his seat in the House after being confronted with explicit Internet exchanges he had with teenage pages.

Two days later the 12-year Republican congressman entered an unidentified rehabilitation facility.

Through another attorney, David Roth, he announced that he was gay and that he had been abused by a clergyman.


Attorney Gerald Richman, speaking at a news conference, said he hoped the archdiocese would make public the name of Foley’s alleged abuser, but said he wouldn’t know that until he met with church officials.

He said he hoped that could happen today.