A Picasso bullring: Would it be circular or Cubed?

From the Associated Press

A bullring that was the only building ever designed by Pablo Picasso may be constructed in the artist’s hometown.

The idea for the structure came about as a result of Picasso’s friendship with bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin, said the late matador’s former wife, Lucia Bose.

“We were at Picasso’s house one day when he had sort of sketched what he wanted and an architect arrived,” Italian actress Bose said. The final design was signed by Picasso, Dominguin and architect Antonio Bonet.

“I’ve always had it and thought that it wasn’t quite the right moment to do something with it, but now the moment to realize it has come,” Bose said.


Picasso’s original idea was to have statues of bullfighters set within arches, a bit like in a Roman coliseum, the actress said.

The Malaga-born Picasso had wanted the bullring built in Madrid, but that idea was vetoed by military dictator Francisco Franco, who was in power at the time. Picasso died in 1973.

Architect Jose Manuel Garcia Perez said that he believed several companies would back a construction project in Picasso’s hometown and that plans already had been lodged with Malaga authorities.

Garcia Perez said the building would not be solely dedicated to bullfights but would be open to many different types of events.