China? What about Chevron?

Re “Oil at any cost,” editorial, Oct. 27

Curious that The Times blames China for snaking Third World oil resources out from under our own predatory companies. The Times should expose Chevron, which helped General Motors kill electric cars and shows $5 billion in after-tax profits per quarter. Chevron refineries pass off to the public the healthcare costs of their nocturnal flaring emissions.

Chevron should be forced to pay for parks, cleanups and other benefits for breathers downwind of its noxious oil refineries, and it should be billed at unsubsidized rates for the huge amounts of potable water, electric and natural gas supplies those refineries consume. Chevron should be forced to disgorge its control of the patent rights for the batteries needed for electric cars. It has no right to use oil profits to sequester and squat on these patents.



Seal Beach