We Can Lead the Fight Against Global Warming

Regarding “Global Warming Plan Could Be Costly,” Sept. 1:

Those who say the state’s new plan to limit greenhouse gases could be costly ignore the costs of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina (more than $110 billion) and the 2003 heat wave in France (more than 14,000 dead).

Wind power is now cheaper than clean coal power, and California will be a leader in the business of “green” energy. Clipper Windpower Inc. of Carpinteria just won a multibillion-dollar order for wind turbines from BP.

Saying the bill’s effect on the global climate could be negligible is also shortsighted. The effect of an individual voting is negligible. Does that mean we shouldn’t vote?


Other states and countries will emulate California’s action, which fills a leadership vacuum left by the Bush administration in this disaster-in-the-making.

Thomas R. Blakeslee




Everything is interconnected. (Just look at Google Earth.)

Everyone everywhere is affected by global warming.

We all must do our part now.

See Al Gore’s movie. The facts are empowering.


Use your car as little as possible. Turn off the engine when waiting at the curb.

Turn off lights.

Hang your clothes outside to dry.

Buy only things you really need.


Encourage others to follow your lead.

Let elected officials know you care about reducing global warming.

Don’t despair.

Every effort we make to reduce global warming contributes to reversing the increase in weather-related catastrophes.


The U.S. consumes more oil and produces more carbon dioxide emissions per person than any other country in the world.

It is time for the U.S. -- that’s you and me -- to take the lead in reducing global warming.

Robin Schievink

Los Angeles