America's shame exposed at Gitmo

Re "The darkness at Gitmo," Opinion, Jan. 11

Thank you for publishing Jumah al-Dossari's letter, which provides a vivid sense of the horrific limbo that is life for detainees at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba. Each day that Guantanamo continues to operate, the principles and integrity of the United States are eroded and the rights of American citizens jeopardized.




Dossari's letter was heartbreaking. Shame on President Bush for leading this un-American war. Shame on the commanders at Gitmo for not leading as Americans should, justly and humanely. Shame on the inhuman guards who believe they protect our rights by brutally denying them to others. And shame on me for thinking this letter is anything but a feeble gesture, five years too late. It is time to do all we can to stop war and torture in our name and the name of all Americans, or the shame is on us, and it will never wear off.


Los Angeles

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