There's a Corey Maggette watch, locally if not nationally, although after eight weeks of reports and/or rumors, the sentries -- and the Clippers -- are worn out.

Interested teams are thought to include the Spurs, Jazz and Warriors.

The Spurs, long concerned about their athleticism, went into a tizzy after their recent loss at home to the Mavericks, finding themselves unable to guard Josh Howard and Devin Harris as well as Dirk Nowitzki.

The Jazz is so desperate for a shooting guard, Derek Fisher has been starting there.

The Warriors, who were interested last summer and are getting restless now, are mum. With Don Nelson involved, insiders think they're still interested.

There's also a heartwarming scenario in which Maggette decides to stay. Elton Brand and Sam Cassell promised to plead with him after Maggette made last week's game-winner in Minnesota.

Well, it could happen.


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