Dingell’s lack of leadership

Re “Dingell’s roadblock,” editorial, July 18

Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.) doesn’t have a blind spot on climate change; he sees it with perfect clarity. He is a representative from Michigan, which is run by car companies that fight any policy that imposes any level of social responsibility on them. They give money to Dingell, who bows to car companies and makes a sham of the political process by drafting energy legislation with the express purpose of having it fail.

This kind of “leadership” really turns my stomach because, although many people have finally woken up to the fact of climate change and are doing something about it, my kids are in all likelihood going to see a dying planet thanks to Dingell and others of his ilk. I would hope other Democratic representatives take him behind closed doors and let him know that not a single thing he wants will get done if he doesn’t change his ways.



Santa Barbara