Benchmarks: How thirtysomethings live

Here are key attributes of American households headed by people ages 30 to 39, based on a 2006 survey of 158,000 households, including 31,500 in the 30-to-39 age range.

One-person household: 17.0%

Median income: $55,000

Income of $100,000 or more: 15.8%


Children younger than 6 in the home: 29.2%

Head of household is a college graduate: 47.4%

Head of household is unemployed: 6.3%

Less than three years at current residence: 43.7%


More than 10 years at current residence: 9.1%

Own a home: 55.3%

$25,000 or more in savings: 18.0%

Median net worth: $13,350


Have an IRA: 23.5%

Have a 401(k): 52.3%

Own stock (not counting mutual funds): 17.8%

Have student loans: 12.3%


Use brokerage service: 11.9%

Average amount in bank accounts: $22,561

Average total debt (including mortgages): $107,525

Average nonmortgage debt: $27,278


Of households with credit cards, those with more than a $10,000 balance: 18.0%

Of households with credit cards, those with no outstanding balance: 16.7%


Source: Claritas Inc.