With Mel Brooks' big new musical version of "Young Frankenstein" having just opened on Broadway, the American Cinematheque's Aero Theatre is presenting the classic 1974 film comedy Saturday. Shot in glorious black-and-white, "Young Frankenstein" is Brooks' homage to the 1930s Universal horror films and stars Teri Garr, Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman (above, left to right), with Peter Boyle as the Monster. It plays on a double bill with Brooks' "High Anxiety." ( . . . The Cinematheque's Egyptian Theatre and the Silent Movie Theatre pay tribute to the ultimate film noir tough guy, Charles McGraw, this weekend. Tonight the Egyptian has a double bill from 1949: "The Threat" and "The Black Book." Screening Sunday afternoon at the Silent Movie is Richard Fleischer's 1950 thriller "Armored Car Robbery." . . . Later Sunday, the Silent Movie Theatre will host a program of Fatty Arbuckle silent comedies. Chris Kattan and Preston Lacy, who appear in the upcoming Arbuckle biopic "The Life of the Party," will appear (


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