Blind-spot mirror added to Ford Edge

From Times Wire Services

Ford Motor Co. says it will introduce its new blind-spot mirror this fall on the 2009 Ford Edge crossover.

The automaker had planned to bring the mirror to market next year but moved up the date after getting a lot of positive feedback, said Kelly Kohlstrand, a member of Ford’s advanced product marketing and technology planning team.

Kohlstrand said the mirror would be a standard feature on some versions of the Edge and would be added to other vehicles in 2009.

Ford is in a race with General Motors Corp. to bring the technology to market. Blind-spot mirrors will be a standard feature on the 2009 Chevrolet Traverse crossover, which will start production in September, GM spokesman Terry Rhadigan said.


On both the Edge and the Traverse, small mirrors that give drivers a view of the blind spot alongside the vehicle sit flush in the outer corner of the side mirrors.