Blame Congress

Re “Airing new views in America’s cul-de-sacs,” Aug. 12

I suppose it’s heartening to read that The Times had to travel all the way to Florida to find a group of people who put four and two together and come up with zero. On my block, right here in an exurb of Los Angeles, most associate the economic declines we’ve seen in the last two years with the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Think about it: Why would a robust, thriving economy suddenly go south, when the only change was a shift in congressional power (you may recall that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic majority silenced debate and would not allow voting on an energy bill, in favor of “summer recess,” just a week ago)?

Where I live, people are fed up with two years of a Congress that cannot seem to get anything accomplished, after a season of promises, promises and more promises.


So keep driving around asking people sitting in their driveways what they’re talking about, and I’m sure you’ll find more who can’t add it up. But with the price of gas these days, you may want to consider looking in your own backyard -- unless, of course, you’re afraid of what you might hear.

Jose Marroquin