Go native

Re “The wrong garden in Garden Grove,” Opinion, Aug. 14

Patt Morrison had it almost right. I wouldn’t say that removing one’s lawn means “going brown.” There are many wonderful native substitutes for grass.

California has an amazing color palette that ranges from the deep green of California lilac to the silvery gray and greens of native sages. Or the orange blooms of monkeyflower, the magenta of sweet-scented hummingbird sage and the pink and white of native coral bells.

With correct planting, anyone can have 12 months of color with California native plants, including spring bulbs, summer fireworks, fall color and the crisp greens of winter new growth. And there are native grasses that are good for a substitute lawn too.


The Lummis House in Highland Park has a substitute lawn of common yarrow. Some may not be good for foot traffic, but natives are beautiful and ideal for any home, including a governor’s.

Keith Malone

Montecito Heights