Phone service price increases

Regarding the question to readers of David Lazarus’ column (Aug. 17): “Should regulators reimpose limits on price increases for phone services?” YES, YES, YES!

The AT&T; charges for my office phone line have increased by 86% in the last two years. My AT&T; Internet service rates have increased by 92% during the same period. While the dollar amounts may not be huge, the percentage increases are astronomical. Imagine the state of this country if all businesses increased their prices like this.

G. Fitch




AT&T; and Verizon are essentially monopolies and should be regulated. How the state Public Utilities Commission thought that competition would keep prices low escapes me. One does not have a choice; you use the company that serves your area. Cellphones are the only competitor.

I suggest the Los Angeles Times look into the rationale that there is competition to these companies. I don’t understand how the PUC could believe that. Were there any public hearings or comments?

Ellis Landsbaum


Beverly Hills