Coming soon: ‘Facebook: The Movie’?

Times Staff Writer

Is Aaron Sorkin getting his geek on?

The famous technophobe and Hollywood scribe is trading the “West Wing” and “Studio 60" corridors for the graffiti-scrawled, software-developer-mobbed corridors of social networking upstart Facebook Inc.

The Palo Alto company says it has not signed on to a Sorkin film about its inception, but Sorkin has started a Facebook group (well, he says, his assistant did that) to gather color for a Facebook film he is writing for Sony and producer Scott Rudin.

A Sony Pictures spokesman confirmed the project but wouldn’t discuss details. Through a publicist, Sorkin declined to comment.


Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker said: “We are routinely approached by writers and filmmakers interested in telling the Facebook story or the stories of the more than 100 million people who use Facebook to share and make the world more open and connected. At this point, we have not agreed to cooperate with any film project, but we are flattered by the interest.”

The Facebook group (where Sorkin groupies have already congregated to write on Sorkin’s wall) was first unearthed by the Defamer blog.

Sorkin’s Facebook group page reads:

“Welcome. I’m Aaron Sorkin. I understand there are a few other people using Facebook pages under my name -- which I find more flattering than creepy -- but this is me. I don’t know how I can prove that but feel free to test me.

“I’ve just agreed to write a movie for Sony and producer Scott Rudin about how Facebook was invented. I figured a good first step in my preparation would be finding out what Facebook is, so I’ve started this page. (Actually it was started by my researcher, Ian Reichbach, because my grandmother has more Internet savvy than I do and she’s been dead for 33 years.)”

So what will a movie about the messy beginnings of Facebook be called? “A Few Good Founders”? Or “Face Off,” complete with tense courtroom scenes from the legal battle over the company’s creation?

(Note to Sorkin: Aaron Greenspan -- who attended Harvard with the founders, claims he came up with the idea for Facebook and recently penned a book on the subject -- would like to share his two cents).

And just who will they find to play Mark Zuckerberg, the official Facebook founder and chief executive?

Poke me when you know.





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