History in the making


Re “It’s unanimous and historic,” Aug. 28

This is a proud time to be a Democrat, because of the historic significance of nominating the first African American to the presidency of the United States.

It will be a difficult task defeating the status quo with its underlying racial tensions, but it will not be impossible. As a nation, we are truly on our journey to form that “more perfect union” described in the Constitution.

Edna M. Tobias

Hermosa Beach


Re “So far, Obama’s agenda a no-show,” Aug. 27

Perhaps your reporter should spend more time watching the convention on C-SPAN and less time watching the nattering nabobs talk about what they think is happening at the convention.


Tuesday’s theme was healthcare and energy. Speaker after speaker talked about Barack Obama’s plans for reducing the burdens of healthcare and for ending our reliance on oil with an aggressive program to create a new “green” economy. There were no party divisions in evidence at the convention itself.

This should have been labeled an opinion piece, not a news analysis. It didn’t come close to reporting the news.

Linda Renna

Mission Viejo


Re “Obama is cast as an everyman,” Aug. 26

Obama is lauded as everyman?

He’s not my man, and it’s not about his skin color. It’s about his arrogance, his ethics (lack of), his moving from extreme left to center only to get votes, his long associations with Jew-haters and America-haters, his massive and fragile ego and his radical-left philosophies.

The guy’s a complete phony, an empty suit who, if elected, will turn this once-great country into Cuba.

Ed Golden



I thought Michelle Obama’s speech was great, and I was completely at home with her talking about her family -- especially the part about her dad’s way of judging a person’s character by his performance on the basketball court.

As the wife of a former basketball coach, I can attest to the validity of that approach. My husband would often see a player take charge of the team and change the course of the game. We watched the great Magic Johnson play; during his career, the greatest assist man of all time could make the team look better by his presence on the court.


I believe that Obama is that kind of player. In choosing Joe Biden as his running mate, I think he is well on his way to assembling a Dream Team.

Ellie Berner

San Diego