The impact of a president

Re “The next president will disappoint you,” Opinion, Aug. 24

Andrew J. Bacevich is fundamentally wrong. If the last eight years have proved anything, it is that a single administration’s misguided policies can have enormous consequences for the country and for the world in a relatively short time.

Nobody expects the next president to single-handedly fix every problem we face, but addressing those problems with sincerity, rationality and honesty will be a huge improvement over the current administration.

Alan Disler


Los Angeles

Bacevich is half-right. Barack Obama, if elected president, may very well disappoint me. John McCain will not.

Obama promises a better America, a better world. Considering the scope of the challenges that await him, he may very well fail -- and disappoint me.

On the other hand, the goals of McCain are relatively easy: a continuation of the policies of the Bush years -- endless war (bomb, bomb, bomb) and favoring the rich and powerful at the expense of the middle class (home, home, home). If McCain is elected, I am convinced that he will not disappoint his voters.


Personally, I’ll risk disappointment.

Ronald Rubin