Think, before flying

Regarding George Allen’s “Ill treatment” [On the Spot, Aug. 24]: While I have no interest in trying to justify the airline industry’s policy on nonrefundable tickets, I think Allen is more than a little to blame himself.

It seems Allen and his wife should have thought somewhat more about her ability to travel before buying their tickets.

Alternatively, he could have purchased refundable tickets -- not uncommon for first class -- or he could have purchased travel insurance.

Allen seems to expect Delta to bail him out due to his own lack of reasonable planning.


Ed Schoch


Let me start by saying that I am no fan of the airlines and that I feel great sympathy for the Allens’ situation. But if you have any reason to believe that you may have to change or cancel your plans, then:

A) Pay the extra cost of refundable tickets.


B) Purchase travel insurance.

You can also break up the long flight with a stop along the way. For example, the Allens could have selected flights that allowed a few hours or an overnight in Los Angeles to break up the trip.

Rick Stone

Redondo Beach