Meet me in St. Louis

The map-centric, recently listed in PC Magazine's "Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites," plots destinations for friends in various locations to meet, whether they're angling for a restaurant, coffeehouse, movie theater or other venue.

What's hot: In trying to find a middle ground, users can enter up to four addresses, and they'll get more than one destination in the search results. Locals and travelers who know the area can quickly decide among towns and then flip among types of meeting spots from a pull-down menu. A Google map sits just to the right of the listed options, and push pins highlight the choices. When I searched lodgings between L.A. and San Diego, hotels, motels, vacation rental and B&Bs; were listed in separate categories.

What's not: In the L.A.-San Diego example, my choices were slim, and I couldn't sort my results by price or rating. Plus, after you enter your addresses and start your search, the first results page is confusing. Some words look as though they should be a link, but they're not. To get to your search results, click on "View Top 10 Median Towns," where the true results are listed with the map. Here, info and user interface are more intuitive and helpful.

-- Jen Leo

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