Attention dudes who don't change jeans until they're visibly filthy: You still have a chance with Robyn, the pixieish Swede and latest crush object on the electro circuit. "I would post your bail bonds when cash was tight," she sings on her self-titled album of completely bonkers candy-pop. "Your car's a dump and you're broke, but that's alright." She could aim higher: After various labels' failures pitching her as a Christina/Britney knockoff, she's reinvented herself as an experimental ice-blond coquette (she enlisted house freaks the Knife to produce the single "Who's That Girl"). Then again, her kiss-off empowerment call that "I'm only sexy when I say it's OK" means you'd better be on your best behavior, lest she "tear you down, like I'm in demolition." 8 p.m. Sat., the Troubadour. $15. (310) 276-6168

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