Limits on roosters may ruffle feathers

Times Staff Writer

Ed Adkison has some advice for any Riverside residents unhappy with the passage of rooster-rousting Measure A.

"Eat more beef," said the former city councilman, who sponsored the ballot proposition.

By a 2-1 margin, voters Tuesday decided to restrict rooster ownership to seven birds per property -- down from 50 -- and require them to be kept in sound-muffling structures from sunset to sunrise.

The measure was aimed in part at cockfighting.

"It will certainly improve the quality of life here," Adkison said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a newly created city council in the Riverside County town of Wildomar was in the market for a top administrator.

More than 60% of voters cast ballots Tuesday in favor of incorporating Wildomar, while electing the first five-member council. They also opted to conduct future council elections by district, rather than at large.

"Wildomar has wanted its own identity and to be a city for a long, long time," said Marsha Swanson, one of the council winners. "The first thing we need to do is find a city manager."

Also elected from the 14-candidate field were Bob Cashman, Bridgette Moore, Scott Farnam and Sheryl Ade. The council takes office July 1.

Swanson said the start-up should go smoothly because "we all get along."


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