Where is the Muslim outrage?

Re “A suicidal epidemic,” editorial, Feb. 10

I don’t find myself saying this too often, but The Times makes an excellent point, albeit a week late. Two mentally disabled women were strapped with explosives and sent into a crowded market, and you correctly ask, where is the outpouring of disgust from the Muslim world? Perhaps we’d see that outrage if, instead of killing and maiming dozens of innocent Iraqis, the women with Down syndrome had picked up a crayon and drawn a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad.

Rich Siegel

Culver City


I cannot comprehend why the editorial made no mention of what Israelis have been enduring for so many years. Suicide bombings are almost impossible to stop. The closest thing we have here in L.A. are gangs that are terrorizing neighborhoods. We’ve been unable to deter this form of terrorism. We have our work cut out for us.

Lois Tannenbaum

West Hills