Popular Mexican narcocorrido singer is found slain

From Reuters

Drug cartel hit men have killed a popular Mexican singer, along with his manager and assistant, near the U.S. border, authorities said Wednesday.

Jesus Rey David Alfaro, known as the Little Rooster, is one of at least six singers of narcocorrido ballads about drug trafficking who have been slain since Mexico's drug war flared in 2006.

"We believe Alfaro had links to the Arellano Felix cartel," said an official with the Baja California attorney general's office, who declined to be named.

Alfaro's body was found last week covered with a blanket on the edge of the city, with rope marks around the neck and a gunshot wound in the head, the attorney general's office said.

A message was pinned to the body, saying, "You'll be next," a taunt aimed at the thousands of soldiers sent to Tijuana to crush the drug gangs and clean up police forces working with the cartels.

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