Governor discusses his weapons

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Though many aspects of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governing philosophy have changed over the years, his movie-star lifestyle hasn’t.

Asked about a recent comment he made that a revolver is a good weapon to have at home, he went on at length about his personal cache.

“I have around 20 swords, from samurai swords to broadswords to everything from axes and spears from the Conan movies,” he said. “All the weapons, from Uzis to machine guns, shotguns and pistols and revolvers . . .


“Remember how many law enforcement people I have played and military people I have [played]. I was the Terminator, with the gun that with one hand you cock and spin. All those things I have.”

All in his house?

“No, no. Not all in the home,” he said. “We have some weapons at home.”

All ready to be fired?

“Not machine guns,” he said. “There are federal standards.”

-- Evan halper