Cross over wiretapping

Re “Better tapping,” editorial, June 23

The Democratic Party has once again reminded me why I registered Green Party for a dozen years before switching back to vote for Barack Obama in the primary. By capitulating to President Bush on funding the Iraq occupation and giving the telecommunications companies immunity for illegal domestic wiretapping, Democrats (with a few notable exceptions) have shown that they are not a serious or effective opposition party. I can only hope a clean sweep in November will strengthen the backbones of the party leaders enough that I won’t regret my decision to rejoin the Democrats.

Arlen Grossman



Let me get this right: Bush violates the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. He gets the telecoms to help him. The new FISA forgives the telecoms’ lawbreaking, and The Times supports this bill because Bush promises not to break the law.

If only the voters understood what was going on.

Norwood Price