Democrats have a way to go

Re "Let's just vote the bums in already," Opinion, April 27

With respect to Douglas Kmiec's very good and democratic suggestion that whoever has the lead in the popular vote at the end of the primaries should be the Democratic candidate, I think it is important to note that we can't know who has that lead until new primaries are conducted in Florida and Michigan under fair and democratic conditions. Regrettably, there is no indication that the Democratic leadership is interested in having new primaries.

Tragically, particularly for those of us who consider ourselves Democrats, the party does not appear to be as democratic in practice as its name would imply.

Frank R. Tangherlini

San Diego

Obviously Kmiec, who cowers from any real debate on his ridiculous, untenable, self-serving position in support of Barack Obama, is afraid that a protracted election season complete with conventions will expose him and his candidate for what they truly are.

Ben Brinkman

Palos Verdes Estates

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