The Babysitters | A teen baby sitter becomes a madam for her friends and neighborhood men.

Before the Rains | An English baron settles in South India during the final years of the Raj.

The Fall | A hospitalized man strikes up a friendship with an immigrant girl.

Mister Lonely | Michael Jackson impersonator falls for a faux Marilyn Monroe.

OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies | A secret agent, in the tradition of Maxwell Smart, succeeds in spite of his ineptitude.

A Previous Engagement | A librarian takes a family vacation to Malta to fulfill a date made 25 years earlier.

Speed Racer | A fearless driver is out to save his family's business from a corrupt corporation.

Vice | A highly decorated but troubled cop gets caught up in intrigue and foul play.

What Happens in Vegas | Strangers awake to discover they are married and have won a huge jackpot.

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