Cesar Millan

With his Emmy-nominated "Dog Whisperer" now in its fourth season on the National Geographic Channel, and his "Ultimate Guide" to nonverbal canine connection recently published, the Mexican-born Millan, 38, has earned the ultimate pop culture cred: being spoofed on "South Park." Besides walking his six dogs in the mountains near his home in Valencia, the devoted family man spends the weekend with his wife, Ilusion, and sons Andre, 13, and Calvin, 9.

NOODLING AROUND It takes a long time to cool down from a hard week. Friday evening my wife and I would go to Beverly Hills to Crustacean for crab and noodles and nice conversation. Then we'd go with friends to Casa Escobar in Marina del Rey to dance salsa to live bands.

CHOWING DOWN Saturday morning the whole family goes to Tortas Ahogadas near Santa Clarita. Like George Lopez says, every Mexican has to have his own favorite Mexican restaurant. We pretty much order the whole menu, a lot of little plates. They have fresh natural juices and shakes -- guava, papaya, cantaloupe.

FUN & GAMES After lunch the boys like to ride four-wheel motorcycles. Then maybe we'd go to the movies. Sometimes my in-laws come over to play loteria, a traditional Latino game.

BRUNCH & BOWLING Sunday we wake up late, watch Andre's soccer game, then go to the buffet at El Torito in Valencia -- we're regulars. I love the menudo with bolillo, which is like French bread. Afterward, we enjoy bowling at Santa Clarita Lanes -- competing, cheering each other on and being surrounded by other families doing the same thing.

RIDING HIGH Or Magic Mountain. It's five minutes from our home, and we have a season pass. Now my little one can go on all the rides and wants to go on every one. Our favorite is Tatsu. We stay four to six hours and then we're beat -- we just want to go to sleep!



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