Did America get it right?

The all-David "American Idol" finale sparked a flood of congratulations, disappointment and debate.

I am FLOORED and THRILLED with David Cook's victory. . . . Seriously, I am so thrilled I was crying. I loved it when his brother closed the show, mouthing, "That's my brother!" AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! I can believe in "Idol" and America again.

-- Jazz

Our entire family took great pleasure in speed dialing our votes for David Archuleta. Our ages range from 8 to 61! We all gasped with disappointment and our 8-year-old grandson was devastated . . . truly devastated! He kept saying, "I voted for him 20 times."

-- Kat

Thank you America for finally getting it right!!! Cook always brought real artistry to each performance and stylized it in a way that made old songs new again. Archuleta admittedly had the better voice, but Cook is obviously more of an artist. As a Canadian who can't vote but follows the show and will buy the albums, thank you for getting it right America!!

-- Erin

Archuleta should have won. . . . I'm sad . . . but, good job Cook!!

-- Shantel

I am so sick of "American Idol" and all the other stupid reality shows -- who cares!

-- Teddy

Was there any reason why Ryan Seacrest had to announce that David Cook won by over 12 million votes? How embarrassing to David Archuleta because what difference does it make if you win by 10 votes or 12 million. It only takes one to beat the other contestant.

-- Jeannie

America did get it right. Archuleta had a great voice, but I wouldn't buy his album -- his voice did nothing for me. David Cook on the other hand is a great singer too, plucked from obscurity and he made good. His voice appeals to me and I will be looking forward to buying whatever he puts out.

-- Erika

I can't count how many times in how many different places I've read or heard the words "this will be my last season of watching American Idol" -- been hearing it for YEARS and come January, you'll be plopped in front of the TV waiting for the season premiere.

-- Stever

If the show had been called . . . "Best Singer with the Best Tone and Range," I would have voted for Archuleta . . . but as it happens, the show is called "American Idol," and Cook had much more IDOL persona.

-- Sassy

What I don't understand is why Archuleta has been the target of so many nasty, personal, and insulting comments. He's been unfailingly polite, gracious, and decent week in and week out. He has sung his heart out.

-- Craig

I will be telling my grandkids where I was when I heard Cook beat Archuleta.

-- Einstein

Some of you kids take this stuff so seriously. . . . Take a step back and a breath and accept that sometimes disappointment is a fact of life. Feel better? Now stop crying and go to bed.

-- Leah

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