Mt. Emmy


'ROCK' SOLID: Emmy voters don't have "The Sopranos" to lavish nominations on this year, but they still have Edie Falco, the former Carmela Soprano who did a comedic about-face as a sexy congresswoman on "30 Rock" this season.



EX RATED: Emmys need a ratings boost? Have Britney Spears, who scored big on a "How I Met Your Mother" stint, present with ex-husband Kevin Federline, who made headlines for his cameo on "One Tree Hill."

WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? Robin Williams won an Oscar for his dramatic turn in "Good Will Hunting" and now has a shot at an Emmy for his guest spot on "Law & Order: SVU." Didn't he used to be funny?



GETTING REAL: The tribe known as the academy has spoken. This year's Emmys will include a category for reality host. Our nominees: Jeff Probst ("Survivor"), Heidi Klum ("Project Runway"), Ryan Seacrest ("American Idol"), Phil Keoghan ("The Amazing Race") and Tyra Banks ("America's Next Top Model").

LOST DETAILS: Even Michael Emerson was kept in the dark about his "Lost" character. "You need to play a great sense of fear at the very mention" of the leader of the Others, he was initially told. The leader "was introduced later -- in the same body," Emerson says.



WHY? If they gave out awards for bizarre cameo appearances, it would be hard to beat NBC Universal head Jeff Zucker, who gave an unexpected -- and to some, tasteless -- introduction to "My Name Is Earl" after the writers strike.

AROUND TOWN: "Weeds" wins the weirdest name for fictional towns award. In the new season, the characters will move from Agrestic to Renmar (also the name of the studio where the interiors are shot). What's wrong with Springfield, we ask?

ECO-FRIENDLY VOTING: Rather than sending out DVD screeners, Showtime sent academy members a special code to access an online video player to see full seasons of its series. We'd tell you the code, but then we'd have to kill you.

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