Frequent-flier score card

If you keep the details of your frequent-flier programs in an e-mail at the bottom of your inbox, don't feel bad. It's not as though those numbers roll off the tip of your brain. But if you can, dig them up, just this once, and put them in for a consolidated home that's easy to access.

What's hot: Placely is a travel social networking site first, but my favorite thing about the site is its ability to house all your frequent-flier log-ins and passwords in one place. It has 26 domestic and international programs available for tracking. None of the ones I use was missing from the list, including the new Virgin America. Once the number is entered, you have one page on which you can see all your miles and points -- and whenever you book a flight on one of these airlines, your reservation will be placed on your Placely travel calendar. It's then easy to share your itinerary.

What's not: Travelers have many travel social networking/trip sharing sites to choose from, including Dopplr, Driftr, TripIt and TravelMuse. Using Placely to consolidate frequent-flier miles is handy, but be careful you don't burden yourself with yet another network to keep track of.

-- Jen Leo

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