Bomb in trash kills 5 Iraqi children

From the Associated Press

A bomb hidden under a pile of trash exploded near children playing soccer Monday, killing at least five and wounding three, Iraqi officials said.

The explosion occurred in the Sunni Muslim town of Hammam al Alil, just south of Mosul, which has been the site of U.S.-Iraqi military operations aimed at routing insurgents.

“My son was playing soccer with his friends in an open area, but suddenly a bomb exploded near a heap of trash,” Hazim Dawood said. “We were astonished why the bomb would be left in this place. What could the target be?”

Ahmed Khalid, a doctor at the Mosul hospital, and police officials said the hospital had received the bodies of five children, ages 6 to 12.


In Baghdad, at least three Iraqi civilians were killed in two explosions.

An American soldier on patrol was shot dead Sunday in Baghdad, the military said Monday.

At least 4,169 U.S. service members have been reported killed since the war began, according to