Is politics in the genes?

Re: “Born to be conservative?” Sept. 19

Could the results of the study be interpreted as follows: Conservatives approach life cautiously and responsibly, and liberals view the world naively and tend to be impractical?

Mike Bennett

Rowland Heights


This explains everything! Superstitious religious beliefs, bullying radio personalities, greed, pathological lying, lack of interest in visiting other countries (unless it’s to bomb them): all fear-driven behavior.

But the article fails to draw the obvious conclusion: The conservatives’ fundamental fear is a fear of the truth. Now that the truth is out, can they just all go to therapy for the next four years and let the rest of us fix the mess they’ve made of this country?

Chris Hopkins

Los Angeles


This so-called research is pure bunk!

I voted for Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon, and I used to consider myself a Republican. I changed my affiliation during the Reagan administration because I couldn’t stand his policies. As I’ve matured, I’ve gotten more liberal in some ways. But even though I’m a registered Democrat, I’ve voted for the candidate I believe in regardless of political affiliation.

DNA has nothing to do with your political beliefs. Life’s circumstances change us -- if we are intelligent, free-thinking people.

Joan Kerr