Photo-op doesn’t fly well

Re “Fury flies over plane’s photo-op in New York,” April 28

I am impressed by the Obama administration’s grip on government cost reduction.

If we set aside for a moment the immense price of presidential travel in general and focus on the Lower Manhattan buzz job by Air Force One and a fighter, what was the cost-benefit balance?

By my estimate, this 747 burned about 1,800 gallons of fuel during the photography session. That doesn’t count the fuel for the sortie to and from New York, fuel for the fighter or other operating costs. And how about delays incurred by other air traffic in some of the world’s most congested airspace?


I’m sure folks in the Big Apple who’ve recently lost their jobs were delighted to see their tax dollars at work.

John W. Hazlet Jr.




I have just one word for the military seeking photo-ops of Air Force One circling our country’s landmarks: Photoshop!

R. Vest