Single-payer support

Re “Public plan too timid, Obama’s ex-doctor says,” July 29

“The government never gets in my way,” said Dr. David Scheiner. “Forty years I’ve been working [with] Medicare, never. Who gets in my way all the time? Private insurance companies. Somehow that message is not getting across.”

President Obama’s longtime doctor says it all for any patient or doctor who has ever navigated the rocky waters of private healthcare insurance.

The insurance lobbyists continually ask us to suspend reality and buy into the fear that, under a single-payer system, patients and doctors would lose the ability to control healthcare decisions. Anyone who has ever paid an insurance premium or submitted a claim knows that ship sailed long ago.


Jeff Berke

Los Angeles


Why wasn’t this article on the front page? The Times put Sarah Palin on the front page the other day but buried an intelligent, thoughtful explanation of a plan that would provide universal, high-quality healthcare and save our country millions.


Even the media have been hoodwinked or bought by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Harriet Newton

Van Nuys