Overrated / Underrated


'Thirst': Love a good vampire movie but put off by the swoony teen beat of "Twilight" or the pay-cable camp of "True Blood"? Check out this South Korean import that won the Jury Prize at Cannes this year. There's plenty of the requisite sex, violence and gore (it's directed by "Oldboy's" Chan-wook Park, after all), but it's this film's internal struggle of a man of faith-turned-maneater that got under our skin.

Moritz Von Oswald Trio: Apart from a long-running appreciation for Depeche Mode, we aren't exactly electronic music heads, but this trio's dense "Vertical Ascent" has us changing our tune. Joined by fellow European musicians Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer, the trio mixes live percussion, synths and improvisation for an album that has more in common with '70s krautrock and jazz than techno.


Wacky weathermen: A local forecaster looking for laughs is hardly new, but can we agree that Fox's night guy, Mark Thompson, has taken the idea to its furthest point by dancing through the weekday highs? We know the weather doesn't change a lot here, but isn't there real, live news out there we could be watching instead of the world's best -- or worst -- wedding guest getting his groove on?

'The world is horrible' docs: Don't get us wrong, we love that movies like the dolphin-slaying expose "The Cove" and the alarming over-fishing tale "The End of the Line" are being made -- they're a vital social service. But we're overwhelmed. Keep making the films; but for now can we just change our behavior without seeing them? We'll catch up with all these films later, but we're sad enough already.

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