Camera keeps vanity in focus

Think of it as the digital camera for the lonely.

Samsung unveiled a camera Thursday with a view screen on the front as well as on the back. And why would people want this DualView camera, as Samsung calls it?

To take pictures of themselves.

"The growing popularity of social networking sites has given rise to the self-portrait," Samsung said in its news release, "with many consumers turning their digital cameras on themselves."

Many who have used social networking or dating sites can relate to holding a camera at arm's length in front of themselves while snapping a picture.

The results are seldom pretty, but usually better than camera shots taken in mirrors, complete with flash that makes it look like the person was caught in an inadvertent pyrotechnics display.

The DualView is supposed to eliminate those hassles, but at a price. The basic model will carry a suggested retail price of $300 when it goes on sale next month. A model with a larger back display will be $350.


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