Get a $600,000 house for $100, if you're lucky

For $100, you could fund a shopping spree at the 99 Cents Only store or host a feast catered by your favorite fast-food eatery's dollar menu. Or you could buy a house -- maybe.

The Santa Clarita Valley Rotary Club, a chapter of Rotary International, is hosting an online raffle of a house of the winner's choice valued up to $600,000, with an included reserve of $400,000 for closing costs and taxes on the sale, said Maureen Micklich, a spokeswoman for Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers Inc., which is a beneficiary of the contest. Alternately, the winner could choose to receive a 20-year annuity valued at $1 million or $600,000 cash, she said.

If the winner chooses a house as the prize, he or she can choose any home for sale, within the cost limits, anywhere in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii, Micklich said.

Each raffle ticket costs $100 and contestants can buy as many tickets as they would like, she said.

The "House of Your Choice" raffle benefits three charities: Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers, Carousel Ranch and the Santa Clarita Valley Rotary Club.

The raffle drawing will be held Thanksgiving Day, and the organization hopes to sell about 40,000 tickets.

Tickets went on sale in April, and so far fewer than 1,000 have been sold, Micklich said.

If at least 15,000 tickets are not sold by Nov. 26, or an extension date, all tickets sold become a contribution to Rotary International and contestants will be mailed a receipt for their tax-deductible donations -- but Micklich said the Rotary Club hopes it won't come to that.

Raffle tickets can be bought and contest rules can be read online at www.houseofyour


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