An alpha male sans entourage

If you are still watching "Entourage" maybe it's time to talk louder about: "Rescue Me"

With the FX firemen drama, Denis Leary has had the corner on male bravado and bonding -- not to mention comedy -- for just as long as Vince and the gang have been on the air. So cherish your last testosterone fix of the season. (And get ready for Janet and Sheila to go ballistic when they pay Kelly a visit. Equal-opportunity haranguing.) (Tuesday)


Probably worth talking about: "Extract"

Writer-director Mike Judge gave us a little cartoon named "Beavis and Butthead." After that, he gave us the cult comedy classic "Office Space" and more recently, the subversive dystopian "Idiocracy," about a man who awakens 500 years later to find America reduced to nothing but anti-intellectual, fast-food-craving consumerists. That's more than enough reason to try out his latest, "Extract," starring Jason Bateman as the owner of an extract factory, Ben Affleck as his shaggy-haired best friend and Kristen Wiig as his wife. (Friday)


Young adults, drop your vampire books and instead talk about: "Catching Fire"

It's the sequel to Suzanne Collins' gripping first young adult novel "The Hunger Games," set in a post-apocalyptic world where the ruling government, known as the Capitol, demands an annual tribute from each of 13 districts: two children to be used as gladiators in a televised fight to the death. "Catching Fire" follows the unlikely winners in the aftermath of their victory, discovered to be a mutinous act that has sparked a rebellion. (Tuesday)


Still talking about: "Sin Nombre"

Oh, most of you didn't go to see it in theaters, don't deny it! But now you can redeem yourselves by checking out the Sundance film, from first-time director Cary Fukunaga, on DVD. The drama begins when, after murdering his gang's leader, a teenager joins a family of Honduran immigrants making the dangerous trek across Mexico to the United States. (Tuesday)


Maybe avoid talking about: "All About Steve"?

Sandra Bullock proved she could still carry a romantic comedy in "The Proposal." Bradley Cooper managed to not muck up "The Hangover." Those are the two reasons why "All About Steve" -- she's a wacky crossword puzzle enthusiast-slash-stalker, he's a CNN cameraman -- has finally made its way into theaters after wrapping production in 2007. Consider that your notice. (Friday)

-- Denise Martin

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