Kaman identifies the source of his listlessness

Clippers center Chris Kaman had too much energy to sleep.

But he didn’t have enough energy to stay active and avoid lying around at home watching his DVD collection.

Kaman had enough energy to remain on the team’s active roster.

But he didn’t have enough energy to replicate the string of seven consecutive games earlier this season in which he scored at least 20 points.

Kaman missed practice Nov. 12, but it wasn’t until two weeks ago during a doctor’s visit when he discovered why he felt listless: doctors diagnosed he was deficient in Vitamin D, which increases the flow of calcium into the bloodstream and helps prevent bones from becoming brittle.

Kaman played all 20 games and will suit up tonight when the Clippers (9-11) play host to the Orlando Magic (16-4), but he is not sure when he will be able to match that early-season stride.

“I wasn’t as active,” said Kaman, who still leads the Clippers in scoring at 18.9 points per game. “I was tired and the fourth quarter came and I didn’t have the energy.”

Since then, Kaman has invested in alternative energy sources.

He drinks Vitamin D milk and has been prescribed antibiotics, including herbal supplements.

To fix his abnormal sleeping patterns, Kaman takes melatonin supplements at night.

Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy has an additional theory explaining why Kaman has shot below 50% in eight of the last nine games.

“There are a lot more teams paying attention to him,” Dunleavy said. “Ever since he’s been sick, I think he’s been a little weak. We’re trying to recapture that in getting his energy back.”


Though the Clippers finished the first 20 games with five more wins than last season, Dunleavy, Kaman and forward Marcus Camby all agreed they had been expecting a better start.

In addition to the season-long absence of No. 1 draft pick Blake Griffin (stress fracture in left knee), Dunleavy thinks the team’s turnovers (15.85 per game) has been “the biggest one area for us in the difference between winning and losing.”