He found his L.A. vibe


Music fads come and go, but after 30 years on the scene, George Thorogood’s brand of blues-rock has stood the test of time. Thorogood and his Destroyers will offer fans a reminder of that staying power with a date at the Greek on July 26, followed two days later by a new album, “The Dirty Dozen.”

Thorogood, a Delaware native, knew he’d eventually make L.A. his home after his first visit. “It was like someone from Czechoslovakia coming to America,” he said. “You know the song ‘California Dreamin’ ’? That was me.”

Now he, his wife, Marla, and daughter Rio are living the dream in the canyons near Brentwood. And he can talk about the Southland as if he’d been here all his life.



Time traveling

We try to go to Zuma Beach as often as we can. I just love it -- it’s very mellow, and there’s a great old antique sort of hippie record and paraphernalia shop there. I can go in there and still find records from the 1960s, and the people who work there are from that era too. That’s still my era.


A day in Malibu

My wife and daughter buy all my clothes for me, because I’m not particular about what I wear.

They come back with something and I’ll just say, “Is it snakeskin? Is it black?”

But we go to Malibu a lot and they always find something nice for me there, and then we’ll cap off the afternoon by getting a bite to eat at a nice little beach cafe called Coogie’s. It’s very casual. I like the fish, but they have everything. And they have free postcards! How about that?


Three’s company

When I think about a romantic restaurant, I mean, everything my wife and I do is romantic.

We do like to go to the Mulholland Grill a lot up in Beverly Glen. And the Sushi House Unico, which we really don’t want to let too many people know about.

What we really like to do usually is go out with all three of us.

We like to just pack up and go to the Four Seasons and just make a weekend out of it, like we’re on vacation or something.

I’ll work out a bit, we’ll all use the pool and then order room service. That’s a gas.


At the ballgame

We’ve always enjoyed going out to Dodger Stadium, but since they’ve remodeled it, it’s really been fantastic.


Have you been there lately? It’s almost like an amusement park now, without going overboard.

I’ve never seen people leaving a ballgame where their team lost 5-0 and they still look so happy.


It’s Greek to me

We saw Chris Isaak play at the Greek a while back, and that was just fantastic. He just blew me away.

Saw Joni Mitchell there too, and it was just great. If someone really groovy is playing there or the House of Blues, we just love going out and seeing them.

There’s always something to do in this town. I’ve never been bored here.