Disabled law school grad is allowed to take bar exam

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The California Supreme Court ordered the State Bar on Monday to permit a quadriplegic law school grad to take the bar examination today, even though her application for the test had not been processed.

The court acted in response to a petition from Sara Granda, 29, who had asked it to intervene. The State Bar of California also wrote to the court and asked for guidance after Granda’s plight attracted media attention and sympathy from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Granda, a UC Davis law school graduate who was disabled in a car accident, did not enter credit card information when she applied online to take the test. Instead, her $600 fee was paid by check from the state, which has been assisting her financially.


As a result, her application was not processed.

The problem attracted the attention of Schwarzenegger, who last week issued a written statement calling it “outrageous” that “someone who has overcome so much in life is penalized by a bureaucratic error.”

The state high court, meeting in closed session, ordered the bar to permit Granda to take the test and gave her until September to ensure her application was in order.