Mirisch elected to Beverly Hills City Council

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John Mirisch, a film distributor whose Blog Beverly Hills has roiled the city’s political establishment, scored a narrow victory in his run for City Council, according to certified results from the March 3 election that Beverly Hills released Friday.

In an upset, Mirisch eked out a third-place finish with 2,272 votes, or 14.11%, edging out veteran Councilwoman Linda Briskman, whose consistently pro-development stance had riled many residents. Mirisch has said his top concerns are the quality of the city’s schools and “overscale development within the city, which almost invariably leads to a deterioration of the unique . . . small-town character.”

Also elected was Willie Brien, a doctor who is chief of staff of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. A lifetime resident of Beverly Hills, Brien is the grandson of the late Earl Warren, a former California governor and chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Brien, who received 18.49% of the vote, had previously served on the school board and as a parks commissioner.


The top vote-getter was current Councilman Barry Brucker, who was reelected with 19.38% of the vote.