Two views on health coverage

Re: David Lazarus’ consumer column “Canada’s healthcare saved her; Ours won’t touch her,” May 27:

The problem in the United States is that we put our fate in the hands of insurance companies that would rather see us drop dead than honor the terms of the policies they sell.

Insurance companies are in the business of making a profit for the shareholders. Paying claims is a distasteful nuisance.

Stephen C. Lee


La Habra


David Lazarus could have found thousands of Canadians who would be better off under our system, such as those suffering years of pain waiting for hip replacement surgery.

Prior to her accident, Maggie Yount was a healthy 22-year-old woman who could have easily been insured here; and now, without insurance, she will be treated in our healthcare system for emergencies and for elective care she can afford.


The vast majority of Americans are better off under our system than they would be under a single-payer system.

Steven Novom, M.D.