Solar trash bins in Pasadena

Pasadena is about to get more fancy trash cans.

The City Council approved a work order late Monday night to place 40 self-compacting solar-energy trash cans throughout the city, in addition to the 12 already on the streets.

The city is joining Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Boston and Philadelphia in using the trash cans, called BigBelly Solar Compactors, according to the vendor's website.

The 40 receptacles will cost $146,550.

The trash bins, which first started appearing on Pasadena street corners in 2007, can compact 200 gallons of trash into one 60-gallon "neat" bag, said Gabriel Silva, the environmental programs manager with the city's Department of Public Works.

Silva said the city will save $61,400 annually in reduced labor and fuel because of the trash cans.

The areas around City Hall and the intersection of South Lake Avenue and East California Boulevard are among the 40 planned installation sites for the trash bins, said city spokeswoman Ann Erdman.


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